Thursday, 28 April 2016

Audi A5 Convertible Review with Stylish Design

The Audi A5 Convertible is an open-roof model of A5 coupe which is one of the stylish cars these days. Yeah, we may be more familiar with Cabriolet version as Audi’s lineup, right? Regardless with the name, the A5 convertible offers four-seat passengers unlike the coupe. This is your chance who love the car without roof and bring four people at once as same as A5 coupe version. Beside the stylish exterior, the interior is also premium-level. You will found everything you need as the driver of this convertible. Moreover, the efficient engine of A5 will also feature the convertible lineup.

Audi A5 Convertible Exterior

The Audi A5 convertible comes with the combination of elegant and sporty designs. Audi keeps their new product with freshly new designs without remaining the old-fashioned model. The headlight, grille and front bumper are completely new. It makes this convertible car is slightly different with the A5 coupe for sure. But, the positive impact is still covering the car as one of sportier convertible of Audi’s lineup. For your information, the grille carries single-frame radiator. This is completely refreshing the A5 especially into aggressive car. So, we won’t see the old grille of Audi anymore from this car.

Audi A5 Convertible Interior

Go straight to the interior of Audi A5 Convertible, it has different story. If we got the claim that Audi starts to departure from the old-fashioned exterior, they will keep the premium interior especially the cabin. We can see high-quality and sleeker dashboard here as same as how premium the A5 Coupe by the way. We found soft-touch materials are very easy to be found inside the driver’s position such as touch screen and gearlever. As the modern feature, the MMI infotainment system and Audi Connect will make your driving activity easier and comfortable. This car is also the first car which uses Google Earth integration plus the in-car internet connectivity. To give better navigation, Audi provides 3D satellite with high-resolution views.


Speaking about the engine, the Audi A5 convertible will have the same engine from its brother and sister, the A4 and A5 coupe. It is the one and only 2.0 DOHC engine. This engine is not a normal DOHC, but it is featured by turbocharger and FSI direct-injection. We have to say goodbye for the former engine, 3.2 L V6 with the same FSI direct injection too. For your information, the new DOHC engine pumps out 220 horsepower which is lower than the former engine at 45 horsepower. But, the new one is more efficient especially on its emissions.


The different comes on the powertrains of Audi A5 Convertible with the brothers. We are talking about the transmission by the way. If the A5 coupe exists with 6-speed manual transmission, the convertible does not. Audi chooses CVT transmission called Multitornic instead. You need to know that this gearbox has good capability to offer better fuel economy. It is proven by the EPA ratings of A5 convertible. This car has 24 mpg city and 31 mpg highway which are better than the coupe version. Furthermore, it reaches 0-60mph for 7.2 seconds. For your information, this is similarly with Tiptorinc 8-speed transmission of Audi but it sends with AWD while A5 convertible does not. It sends the power via front-wheel drive only.


If you compare the Audi A5 convertible with other competitors, you may not notice its weight which is lighter. Actually, everything is lighter on A5 convertible including the insulated cloth folding top. Instead of heavier top, the convertible version offers coupe-like. Moreover, the driver can access it at 31 mph of speed. You can open and close the top under that speed by the way. The passengers are also provided with head-level heating. It is very useful when the weather is extremely unwanted for folded roof.

Trims and Features

There are three trim levels of Audi A5 convertible. They are Premium, Premium Plus and Prestige. Every trim has its own features as same as other cars. We start from the Premium trim. You can get standard package like S-Line packs, upholstery with leather material, auto-climate control, LED lighting, 18-inche alloy wheels and many more as same as standard features of SUV. Meanwhile, the Premium Plus offers the standard package before plus heated front seats, three-zone auto-climate control and powered exterior mirror. Lastly, it is named as Prestige trim. For your information, it is the highest model on the A5 lineup. Beside the both trim features, this trim offers fourteen speakers and HD radio technology. To make the start easier, there is also keyless start in this trim. The sport seats make this car sportier as well. Overall, each trim gives you comfortable driving through folded roof because it is a convertible car. Lastly, there is a bonus appearance on the exterior finish. It is called as the Black Optic with 19 inches of wheels with Titanium design on them.


There is no modern car without occupant safety including the Audi A5 convertible. The airbags are prepared into three sides. They are front, front side and front knee. Of course, it adds more safeties for front passengers and driver. Meanwhile, the highest model Prestige trim has Audi side assist. This is a new system for Audi’s lineup which monitors every blind spot that cannot be handled by the driver. It includes other vehicles which are approaching your position on the road. It implies that Audi keeps their customers as safe as possible riding this modern car, right? We believe the safety features of A5 convertible got five-stars from the official.


Audi is not alone in the convertible class these days. There are some automakers which also offer their convertible version. In other words, the convertible class is very competitive right now due market’s demand who is too bored with SUVs and trucks. You will see BMW 4-Series convertible and Infinity Q60 convertible on the market scenes which are ready to replace the Audi A5 convertible rank now.